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  • Competitive lower rates
  • Multiple recruiting & screening sources
  • Background checks , Document verification for legal status to be able to work in the U.S. ( e-verify with social security administration )
  • Drug Screening available
  • We can accommodate a clinic of your choice ( US Healthworks , Comp & Care First )
  • Custom benefits division for associates , temporary & permanent with no COBRA that are affordable ( at assignment end ; they can keep their benefits )
  • Retirement & savings account options for both temporary & permanent employees
  • Automated timesheets via email for your convenience ( Keep your time sheets to match up as backup with our invoices )
  • Automated invoicing via email for your accounting department convenience " Weekly pay " ( unless otherwise specified )
  • Direct deposit ( Mail  or check delivery)
  • Experienced staff : Both part time & full time onsite staffing consultants if your company should need the service at no extra cost
  • Human Resource Counseling (Example: Overtime Pay, Child Garnishments and scheduling)




  • Federally and State registered corporation with a Top Talent Board of Directors with over 25 years combined experience.
  • All leadership roles have been heavily scrutinized prior to being elected to the Board.
  • All members of our benefits division are licensed in insurance & financial planning
  • SRS , Inc . is fully compliant in all areas both federally & with the state of CA .
  • We carry Worker’s Compensation & General Liability insurance . We can provide copies , in each Client’s name , upon request.

Simplicity & Convenience:


  • We formed the corporation for the purpose of providing fortune 500 structures & operational methodology without the RED TAPE !
  • All w-2s & other pertinent tax information is taken care of by SRS
  • We can extend payment terms  net 15 , net 30 , net 45 , net 60 days in order to accommodate cash flow management



  • We provide safety equipment if needed (Backbelts and safety goggles)



SRS will make ourselves available to discuss your plans for the future with the right people and in the right places.


Staff Right Solutions, Inc.


Making the difference!