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Benefits of Staffing Agency payroll funding


We , at Staff Right Solutions Inc . , made an executive decision to process our payroll through a funding company .  Although some clients may see this as a weakness, or that SRS may not be a strong enough company to meet there staffing goals.  We feel this is exactly what we need to do , Therefore , we deliberately chose to utilize a funding company to allow our in house staff, to remain focused on the clients . We felt that the added security of a outsourced funding company would provide our clients a little extra security , having the financial security of a larger company providing your payroll support , there experience in providing this service , ensures on time delivery of payroll checks on a regular basis .  As a result, Staff Right Solutions is freed up to do what is most important to us , which is providing a “ Hands on customer relations approach ” .

A key factor in choosing Madison Funding , was the value added ability to float your payroll on weeks when your cash flow is insufficient to cover your payroll costs .  Based on our clients credit worthiness , we can offer up to 60 days of payroll float .  This financial tool has been extremely beneficial to many of our clients , since there are no fees for this service , it could allow you to grow your business ,  Ultimately resulting in the need for additional staffing .  This is a win-win situation for all parties involved .

Madison Funding and Staff Right Solutions have a very close line of open communication . We work effectively and efficiently with one another , to provide our clients the best possible service . To our clients , Madison is just another department within Staff Right Solutions .  



Why SRS chose Madison Resource Funding ?


  • 100% funding allowing SRS to float your payroll up to 60 days!
  • Add security to our clients knowing that there payroll is guaranteed to be funded
  • Allows SRS to accommodate growth if our clients have a growth spurt
  • Funding does not affect our clients nor do we charge a fee for this service unless 61 days late

Read more below just a few things Madison Resource Funding has to offer...

Payroll Funding


  • 100% Payroll Funding
  • Sliding Fee Structure to promote growth


List of reports

  • Payroll Journal
  • Invoice Register
  • Payroll Run Summary
  • Payment History
  • W-4 Listings
  • Back office support services
  • Weekly Laser printed checks with SRS logo
  • Annual W-2 processing
  • Analysis Reports
  • In-house payroll at no additional cost with SRS clients
  • Special Invoicing arrangements
  • Direct Deposit for all employees


Customized Online Reports

Decades of Staffing Industry Specific knowledge and expertise

Reconciliation of payroll accounts