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We are so pleased to have the opportunity to Partner with Your Company as staffing providers. This agreement provides terms and conditions of partnership. We stand behind our commitments and our relationship with your company.


  1. Staff Right shall advertise (if applicable), recruit, pre-screen according to company requirements, interview and hire candidates upon request with appropriate qualifications as company specifies for particular positions.

  2. 2. Drug screens and backgrounds shall be conducted by Staff Right upon request and billed back to client at cost to Staff Right.

  3. Company (partner) will supervise and ensure safety of new employee (temp) additions (after preliminary safety video, instructions, and pre-screen due diligence has been completed by Staff Right.

  4. Changes in compensations, hours (shifts) and/or duties must be communicated to Staff Right to ensure prompt and proper changes to payroll, etc.

  5. Company agrees to set pay and bill rates within this agreement.

  6. Staff Right agrees to pay employees and/or temporary hires on a weekly basis; and then submit weekly invoices to said company. Staff Right will pay for all hours worked as submitted on time records (preferably via email – so time sheets can be held b company for matching to invoices – unless otherwise specified) and approved by your authorized representative as follows:


Name of hire/hours worked/week ending. Authorized Rep. name/Title/Phone Number/ the work “Approved: /and finally on company email (no yahoo or AOL please). We also can accept a faxed verification with a signature. Time sheets are certainly acceptable, but can cause difficulties in timely payroll. Hours need to be in to Staff Right no later than Monday at 11:00 am please. Standard overtime hours apply (1 ½ hourly over 40 hours and any hours over 12 worked in on day are considered double time).


  1. Staff Right assumes full responsibility for reporting and paying employer’s share of all state and federal taxes, FICA, worker’s compensation and unemployment taxes as required by law.


Staff Right will absorb a 2 hour cost if you are dissatisfied with work performance; and will make every reasonable attempt to replace as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are pleased to provide the above services; and look forward to a long and successful partnership. Please feel free at anytime to make recommendations that you feel would help us serve you better.


  1. Staff Right Solutions, Inc. shall indemnify and hold harmless named client (____________________________________________________) for the negligent acts of Staff Right Solutions, Inc., its employees or agents.


This agreement includes the following:


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Staff Right Solutions, Inc.

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